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 Story of Prophet Aramaya/Jeremiah (pbuh)

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Story of Prophet Aramaya/Jeremiah (pbuh) Empty
PostSubject: Story of Prophet Aramaya/Jeremiah (pbuh)   Story of Prophet Aramaya/Jeremiah (pbuh) EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 11:01 am

Story of Prophet Aramaya/Jeremiah (pbuh)
Ibn Kathir

Another prophet is Jeremiah (pbuh) Ibn Hilkiah from the House of Levi Ibn Jacob (pbuh). It has been claimed that he was Al-Khidr. This was related by Al-Dahak from Ibn Abbas but it is not true.

Ibn Asakir reported that it is written in some scrolls that Jeremiah stood upon the blood of John Ibn Zechariah while it was flowing and he said: "O blood! You have enlightened the people, so take a rest." So it stopped and condensed until it disappeared.

There is a tradition that Jeremiah asked Allah: "O Lord! Which of Your slaves is more lovable to You?" He answered: "Those who remember Me most away from their remembrance of My creatures; those who are not thinking of death, nor speak of eternal living; those who, when they are allured by the riches of this world, despise them, and when they lose them are happy; those have My love, indeed, and I shall reward them more than they desired."
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Story of Prophet Aramaya/Jeremiah (pbuh)
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